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Interview MOPO 97

Dior`s bride is from Hamburg.

Teresa Lourenco: John Galliano`s Muse is becoming a super star in Paris.
The German Press has been keeping an eye on her.

Haute Couture 1997, Paris is celebrating Fashion Week. However, the best that the fashion metropolis has to offer comes from Hamburg. The 16 year old model Teresa Lourenco, is the new Muse from star designer John Galliano and was chosen to wear the bride`s dress from Dior.

Here you talk about superlatives : when the top designers get together for the Haute Couture only the most exquisite and most beautiful is offered..Since the French designers Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler & Co,got support from Londons`Avant-garde,the rusty Paris Couture shows have been rekindled to its former magnificence.

The new king of all designers is John Galliano. In Paris, the 37year old just presented his second collection for Christian Dior, the most important fashion line in Paris.Designs with oriental princesses in brocade and lace, African beauties and ladies ä la Toulouse-Lautrec is seen on stage.

These extravagant creations are presented by super models like Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Nadja Auermann, Amber Valetta etc.No one appears here by chance, only the cream of the crop are booked.The elite audience in Parc de bagatelle in Paris applauded generously fo this appearance..There was a sense of awe as the main attraction of the evening appeared- a dark-skinned beauty, wearing Diors`wedding dress.This honour is bestowed on only a few.The wedding dress is always very special “says John Galliano” in an interview with MOPO” but really outstanding was the Model Teresa Lourenco,who was wearing the dress”.What a compliment.

The 16 year old had it made.Two years now she`s been doing the cat-walk.In spring of 1995,her Agency boss Ted Linow had sent her set-card to Paris full of hopes and expectations, Teresa was an instant hit, although she only had a few test shots to her name.Galliano reminisces, “ the moment I saw her picture, I knew , Teresa is fantastic.
After that everything changed for the 14 year old.She flew to Paris and was picked up in one of Johns`limousine she said.Since then I have been treated like a princess.

Teresa is present at every show. “She is a very gentle ,slender person but she could also be a very temperamental diva said Galliano.”He firmly believes that she has a great career before her.Finally another girl with qualities to become a super model like Claudia Schiffer.

There is also the dark side to this glamorous life.She said, there is a whole lot of jealousy at her school in Hamburg , that’s why she had to change schools.She just finished college.

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Teresa - Between Hamburg and New York from Eimsbüttel out in the big world: Teresa Lourenco is one of the most sought after top models in the world –

Everone loves teresa 29th July, 2006, the world of Britta Stahlberg.

Everyone loves Teresa. No wonder, one would think if you look at a photo of her - how can´t you? However, Teresa Lourenco, 24-year-old supermodel, is much more than only the nice bright light which everybody sees immediately. She is extremely ambitious, in a very healthy measure but , her professionalism and naturalness makes everyone happy who work with her. She is a good soul. “ Ted Linow, Manager from “Mega Models “ is in rapture about her. He said “ I wish I had ten models like her, then his world would be a better place. His agency discovered this self-confident girl from Hamburg. At that time Teresa was 14 years old - and wore a brace. However, if it were up to her , she would have started much earlier with her dream job: " I always knew that I wanted to become a model. " Teresa was born in Trinidad but moved to Eimsbüttel in Hamburg with her mother and younger brother, Kevin . At the age of 13 years Teresa stood at the agency Mega, her purpose always firmly before her eyes. " We said to her, she is too young ", says Ted Linow who leads the agency together with Linda Naujok and is a real Teresa fan .This turn down did not turn her off.One and a half years later she was discovered in Hamburg by one of their scouts and still wearing her braces.After that, everything just happened very fast.The Paris agency from Mega models entered her, at short notice , as a substitute for the “new face of the year” contest in the city of love , which she won.
Though this her career started. She became the favorite model of John Galliano, started to work for editorials and campaigns. With the help of private lessons she did her collage, everything between jobs in Paris or New York. She has worked with all the big photographers of this world, her face has covered the French "Vogue" or the American and English "ELLE". Reason enough to take off to the sky, as many of her colleagues would have done. But the 1.79-metre beauty is far away from taking off. Although she can count stars like rapper P. Diddy and singer Lenny Kravitz to her friends, Tommy Hilfiger takes her shopping, and being one of the most sought after models of the world, she remains down to earth . What counts to her is mostly, her family. She has bought her mother a house and a car.Its what she always wanted, says Teresa, who lives is New York. " My mother has worked earlier by the Otto's dispatch service. From the day" I started earning enough money she was able to stop working.Whenever she is able to, she visits her family in Hamburg: " I love to come here. "She doesn`t forget the people she loves regardless of what the world has to offer, love comes first.Still, she wouldn`t want to move back here, " Now I live in my city! " Yesterday she was in her native country for a photo shooting for a youth magazine who did a story about her.Her agency Mega did the production. Actually , she didn`t have time to spare but she made time to do that story.Today,after doing this interview with her in the studio in Schulterblatt and working with someone like her, who does her work with such pleasure and passion, you can`t help but love her.
In the evening , she had to leave Hamburg as usual.This time to St.Tropez, to relax a little .Maybe to meet her friend, the actor Mehcad Brooks ( desperate housewives) or Puff Daddy, or whoever she likes to have around, and there are many who cherish her friendship.For those who know her, its only understandable.

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Beautiful Teresa from Eimsbüttel.


Bild-Hamburg 29.11.2006

This Hanseatic girl is making world-wide career.

Eimsbüttel/ New York—Great career for a Hamburg Model. Top model Teresa Lourenco just signed an exclusive contract with “ Apart” ( branch of Otto Versand) for her own Jeans collection, which she started in January in Hamburg.

A home run for the famous beauty , ( 1.78cm tall, 86-60-89 ). She grew up I a small 2 ½ room apartment in Hamburg, together with her mother Vinnie and her brother Kevin. Teresa comes from Trinidad and was discovered in Hamburg by scouts of the Mega Model Agency at the age of 14, ( she was still wearing a brace).Agency boss Ted Linow:”she is fantastic!”

In the meantime she has worked for all the top designers, is John Galliano`s muse, did a music video clip for Lenny Kravitz,advertised her beautiful legs for Wolford stockings, did the campaign for Tiffany Jewellry and the men perfume “ unforgivable” from cult rapper P.Diddy .

Her private life? Absolutely private. At the moment she is single. One year ago she did a tattoo of a celtic cross on her right forearm.Her mum is especially happy about the new contract because she used to work for the same company.




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Interview 2005 Ocean

Teresa Lourenco is one of those women who always leaves you,guessing where she comes from. You know she is someone special when you meet her - tall and exotic looking. At first glance you wonder at her ethnicity and then when she tells you she is from Trinidad, it all makes sense.


And then you are taken aback by how really nice and down to earth she is! Still, supermodel doesn't come to mind, until you tune in to MTV or VH1 and see her strutting stuff in Lenny Kravitzs music video or open up your Victorias Secret catalog and there she is!

Born in San Fernando, Trinidad, Teresa Cija Lourenco has great memories of playing with her brother and cousins, being adored by her grandparents, bathing in a bucket and - lots of great Indian food. Born to an Indian mother and Irish Portuguese father she is a perfect blend of the of both parents in a 5 foot ten inch lean frame. Family circumstances took her to Germany at the tender age of 14 where she was "discovered" and the rest, as they say, is “fashion history."

I was lucky to be there at the height of the industry," said the Caribbean beauty who, at 14, was already modeling for some of the top designers in Milan; a veritable babe among models who were all several years older than she was. Her first show was with John Galiano. She worked long hours and quickly became a favorite not only for her looks but for her work ethic.

In a world where the career of a child star is often derailed by being exposed to so much at so young an age, for Teresa it was a no-brainer. The dark side of the glamour world was no match for moms guidance. She stayed out of trouble, and put her trust in God.

"My mother is my best friend; I often take her traveling with me. I am happy to show her the world«' she gushed.

As giddy and as fascinating as her career may seem, this island girl stays grounded in a simple philosophy that allows her to enjoy the finer things in life but never to take them for granted.

At 15 years old she won the best up coming model award in Paris and was an early favorite of some of the world's top designers. Her classic look radiated on the runway when there were few models of color on the catwalk.

By 18, Teresa had relocated to the big Apple for the bigger jobs. Again the lure of the bright lights and the big city did not distract her from what she had come to do. Inside her head she knew what she wanted to accomplish and stuck to her plan.

But how can one person stayed that focused? Teresa explained that her faith in God and her humble upbringing always keeps her grounded. "No life is ever perfect, especially one where your job is looking perfect," she maintained.

In 2001, Teresa took a break from her hectic career.
Citing minor burnout she took a year off to just see what else was out there. "Traveling all the time and being on the road makes it hard to keep relationships," she explained.

In fact it's during that break that she and I met. We were having Sushi in Malibu with mutual friends and I smiled to myself as I watch her put away some food! You'll never catch her earing junk food though. That year off made her realize how much she missed her job and how blessed she was to have it!

Right'now she is a believer in the raw food craze because it makes her skin look good and she feels good. For exercise she works out with trainer and does Pilates. She also doesn't drink and doesn't smoke.

However, all of this goes straight out the window whenever she comes back home to Trinidad or visits any of her relatives around the world. Who can resist that tempting Trini' food. She admits to letting herself gain 10 pounds during her last trip to Trinidad. I can't resist the food, but I hate feeling over stuffed,' she explained. Beauty is her business and while genetics are in her favor, she can't let herself go.

A search for the name Teresa Lourenco on Google reveals a'solid business woman who already has a steady lineup of clients from all over the world. When she is not in front of the flashbulbs, she is normal as she can be. She visits her Trini family twice a year, visits mom and brother Kevin in Europe often, watches movies and tries to relax.

I had to ask if she ever watches that show Americas Next Top Model. She replied "Not much, but I have and it gives you a little glimpse into our world." She says clients in the fashion world are a lot more selective than on the show and she often sees former winners at castings and showings. The fashion world has changed, when I got in it was a lot more glamorous and I am so glad I was there to have seen the best of the best." So what does she think of the fashion world now? "There are a lot more models of color out there now," she maintained. There also seems to be a lot of model mommies - young mothers that have babies and then go back to work. Will Teresa ever be one of them? "Maybe one day but I don't see that happening anytime soon," she replied.

What about acting or anything else? I loved doing videos so Id give acting a try or television hosting," she said. Seeing that she knows a thing or two about fashion, Teresa decorates her ownjeans and always gets compliments on them and one day might be convinced to mass produce them.

For one so young, so talented and so füll of options, the sky is truly the limit for this Trini beauty. It is just nice to hear that despite everything she has seen and done, the Caribbean is still her favorite travel destination. Reiterating what we all know, there is no place like home!!!


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Fashion portrait: THE MODEL OF THE STARS . She was the girl who Lenny Kravitz was badly smitten by in the video clip "again" and who inspires P. Diddy : Prince cover model ,Teresa Lourenco ,about her thrilling life in New York. Prince in 2005

" hello, good morning! In very good mood and over punctual, Teresa lourenco enters the photo studio in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel and smiles very friendly . No sign of arrogance, no sign of jet-lag , although we would have excused anything. After all, the supermodel comes directly from Spain where she had a photo shooting for the US-American issue of Marie Claire. Directly after the Prinz-shooting , its straight to New York for a "Shape" cover ,then to Barcelona for the Louisa Cerano campaign , afterwards to Marbella and, in the end, to Mexico. Teresa is used to this. At the age of 9, she moved with her family to hamburg Her dream has always been to become a model. At14 she was discovered by a booker from the international model agency” Mega.” A few weeks later she did her first runway show for John Galliano in Paris. The big break in the league of super models came at the age of 17, when she moved to New York.Luckily, my mother insisted that I finish High School, she said.Her stardom began with the music video hit “Again” from Lenny Kravitz.An appearance which would cause thousands of women around the world to become jealous.In the clip, she works as a waitress in a café.Lenny Kravitz comes in, sees her and feels , they belong together.He can`t stop thinking about her, he goes back to the café but she is no longer there.That was my favourite job she enthuses, although she herself prefers Hip Hop & RNB.”It was a very intimate video about soul mates and the chemistry between Lenny and myself was very present.He was very charming and friendly.His peacefulness impressed me.Now Teresa is the model of the stars.P . Diddy ( alias Puff Daddy) booked her for the campaign for his new perfume where she worked with star Photographer Peter Lindberg.She is also a good friend of Hip Hopper Jay-Z.She doesn`t go out a lot to partys because she just isn`t one of those limelight people. She prefers to stay at home in her New York Apartment, goes to the cinema at least once a week when its possible (favourite film is”, Crash) or go shopping. Her favourite stores are Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Brendel and Saks fifth avenue, where all the designers are represented, especially her favourite jeans line Rock & Republic and where they also have a lot of gold jewels.
All these shopping trips are done on foot.One of the reasons for her top figure.No other tricks? “ I train with a personal trainer twice a week, do Pilates and eat vegetarian, especially Japanese and Thailand food.I wear Juicy Couture by training because I find it very sexy.Even when I travel I always have a DVD with me so I can do my training in the hotel room.
As the photo shooting with Ali Kepenek is finished, Teresa takes some time to check out the pictures of the thousands of contestants for the “Trend Face” 2005, the current model competition from Prinz, which is sponsored by Mega Model Agency and Hugo Perfume. Her advice to future colleagues: Don`t be grumpy by shows or before the camera,be friendly and do your best,that way you`ll succeed.



Prinz 2005


Von Karina Schulz


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Teresa´s Collection

The internationally known star model Teresa Lourenco has been successfully working for several seasons with the fashion label APART.The 25 year old, who grew up in Hamburg ( Germany), is the perfect representative for the Apart Fashion Label. This self-confident, modern, trend-setter, with her natural elegance and flair,is the most suitable model to present the Apart collection to their customers. Teresa has been living in the international fashion metropolis New York for several years and her constant contacts with the fashion and music scene there inspired her to create her own Jeans collection, " Teresa Lourenco for APART. " Together with the designers from APART this was realized exclusively for the current APART catalogue " Season news autumn winter 07 " worldwide .

Tanya Lübbers, creative managing director for APART, spoke with Teresa during the photo shootings in Hamburg.

Tanya: Teresa, is there a special reason why you decided to start your own jeans collection?

Teresa: Since the age of 19, I have loved trendy jeans, but because of my height I couldn`t find the right length .I started designing my own jeans and had them tailor-made.The response I got from friends and people around was very flattering.This is how the idea started to do this collection with the designers from Apart.

Tanya: You are very slender, can other "normal" women wear your Jeans?

Teresa: Yes, of course! Every trendy woman can wear it. It is very hip and sexy.

Tanya: Will this be your only collection can you imagine doing further "Teresa collections" in the coming season?

Teresa: It started with the Jeans - but I can see myself doing more. Right now, I also have very feminine tops, a rock-star leather jacket and accessories.I love accessories, gold and rivets are my Favourites. My style is sexy and elegant, every single item in my collection, carries my personal note.

Tanya:An emblem is predominant throughout your collection-be it jeans or accessories.What does it signify or what does this emblem mean to you?

Teresa: This is a Celtic cross - the symbol of my family. I also have the cross as a Tattoo on my right arm –it symbolizes the bond between myself and my family..

Tanya: You have been the “Face” of “Apart” for quite some time now.What do you like about Apart?

Teresa: The fashion from APART is very elegant and very sexy! I always feel very comfortable in the collection by the photo shootings and I love their trendy styles.

Tanya: What does fashion mean to you?

Teresa: Fashion represents a part of my personality, in this respect it is very important for me.

Tanya: What do you see as the strongest trend the next autumn / winter season?

Teresa: Narrow trousers with long tops, in addition, sexy Highheels and a lots of gold!

Tanya: Teresa, you are often on business trips in Hamburg. Do you still have private contacts in the city?

Teresa: My family,who is very important to me lives in Hamburg but I also keep contact to school friends, that’s why i`m always happy to be working here.

Tanya: What else is important, to you in your life?

Teresa: My family comes first, but my career is also very important to me. Sometime in the future I would also like to have my own family. Model has been my dream job – now with my own jeans collection, another dream has been fulfilled.



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Interview 2007 „ David Baum“

We met at the Hyatt Park Hotel in Hamburg for this interview with Teresa Lourenco.
I was surprised when the receptionist asked Teresa on the phone in English to come to the reception hall. Isn`t she German? Just at that moment the elevator door opens and Teresa appears, then and there you realize, she isn`t just a model, she is a star. Someone as radiant as her couldn`t be German.I `ll excuse the receptionist for this mistake.

As Teresa was 10 years old, she used to collect clippings of the top models of the nineties, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova.Today, if she were to try to collect her own clippings from ads, editorials and newspaper articles, she`d have to do a whole lot of cutting.
I asked her which photographers she has worked with in the last 10 years, her answer was, “ I can`t say offhand but I can say who I haven`t worked with,I`ve worked with all of them except Steven Meisel.There wasn`t even a touch of arrogance in her voice, just objectivity and gratitude , coming from one of the most sought after models in the world.
Asked about her most important campaigns, then you see her brown eyes shining and the first name she remembers is Tommy Hilfiger. He gave her career the big push and he has remained a good friend throughout the years. Then there was Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent,Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, GAP, also the campaign for Sean John`s perfume “unforgivable”.This list could go on and on but Teresa prefers not to because she doesn`t want to sound boastful. She isn`t just down to earth she is also modest.
She has done countless editorials and covers, naturally also the French and American Vogue.She also did all the cat-walk shows in Milan, London and New York. In Paris she was a sensation as the Muse for John Galliano and in the video clip “Again”, from Lenny Kravitz, she is the one he falls for The minds of MTV`s female audience are still filled with sweet jealousy at the thought of Teresa`s appearance with Lenny in this video.
At the age of 14 and still wearing braces she went to the model agency from Ted Linow and asked to become a model, since then Ted has been and still is , a fan from Teresa. He remembers when the German Vogue booked Teresa to portray Grace Kelly.He asked the art director, wasn`t Grace Kelly blond? The art director said,” we don`t need a model with blond hair, we need someone with the aura of a princess.Her captivating personality comes from a mixture of different cultures.The Caribbean sun sparkles in her eyes, she was born in Trinidad , yet her ancestors are from India, that’s where she inherited her beautiful complexion and brown hair.Her Hanseatic discipline, which is one of the keys to her accomplishments in her career is evidence of her upbringing in Hamburg . The years she spent in New York gave her the easy going attitude which comes from the American way of life.-and besides this , She made the American Dream come true.
Teresa Lourenco is a star, a star who will be shining for a long long time.



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