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Teresa Lourenco´s Collection  


This year´s summer 2007 the waiting has come to an end, Teresas collection is comming out! Therefore we can all have our own little personal piece of Teresa. Not like like most stars, she did not just sold her name for a collection. But has considered in hard work of several hours (together with the APART FASHION team) what she likes. And what she also wears prviate. The logo of the collection is the cross that teresa had tattooed on her arm 2005 in new york. The cross she has even designd herself. The tattoo has a deep meaning for her, because she is a very spiritual and religious person.


lower down you can see a exclusive picture of her Jeans collection. The photos were shoot at the end of February together with Mehcad Brooks (the actor from Desperate Housewifes) in Hamburg(Germany). The collection can be ordered  this summer in the APART catalogue, Online at Apart-Fashion and Worldwide. Teresa is also donating her first years´income from her new summer collection to a charity foundation.




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