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23Fotograf: Richard Burbridge

Teresa Lourenço
Name : Teresa Cija Lourenço
Birthdate : 25, January 1981
Sign : Aquarius
Birthplace : Trinidad & Tobago (San Fernando) flaf
Lives in : Manhattan, New York
Family :

Mother: Vinnie Samday Bastiansen, Father: Kevin Joseph Lourenco a.k.a Kelly, Brother: Kevin John Paul Lourenco, 8 stepsisters and 2 stepbrothers

Favorite Food : Gods Diet, Fruits, veggies, salad, fish and everything that is natural
Favorite Actor : Clive Owen
Favorite Artist : Marvin Gay, Bob Marley, Jay Z, Robin Thicke
Favoritr Holliday place : Thailand
Favorite Designer : Gucci, John Galliano, Luis Vuitton
Products that I use Dr. Howard Sobel
My Life motto: Belive in god, have faith in yourself, never take a day for granted, keep a smile, be positive and never give up your dreams

Teresa was born on the 25th January 1981 in one of the most beautiful places in the world. In Trinidad and Tobago, the southernmost of the Islands in the Caribbean.Since the foot-ball world cup in 2006, the world became more aware of this small Island, lying in the middle of the Atlantic.


At the age of 9, Teresa migrated to Hamburg, Germany, together with her younger brother Kevin and her mother.At that age she already knew that she wanted to become a model. As fate would have it, she was discovered in the city in Hamburg by one of the bookers of the international modeling agency Mega. Mega models have models like Naomi Campbell, Markus Schenkenberg and Cristina Kruse under contract.


At the tender age of 14 she started her modeling career. Mega models sent her set-card to the world fashion metropolis Milan, New York and Paris where the designers were all eager to book her.
Her break-through came at the age of 16 when she entered and won the contest in Paris “Les Trophees de la Mode” “The fashion Awards” in the category “best newcomer face”.This was the beginning of her career as super model.
When John Galliano saw her set-card ( at that time he was the designer for Givenchy), he said he knew he wanted her for his next show because there was something very very special about her.She flew to Paris and her career started.
From this point on, she became his Muse and so drew the attention of other top designers like Valentino, Jean Paul Gaultier, Armani and Tommy Hilfiger , this way all doors to the model business were opened to her.


She has graced the covers of magazines like the French Vogue, American Elle, did campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria`s Secret,Valentino and Christian Dior,editorials for the fashion bible “W”, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vogue, and worked for various catalogues.
Today she is one of the most sought-after models in the world.She has worked with most of the star photographers of the world,e.g. Richard Burbridge, Peter Lindberg, Karl Lagerfeld, Arthur Elgort,Ruven Afanodar, Gilles Bensimon, Michael Thompson, Andrew Macpherson, Mark Seliger, Albert Watson, Regan Cameron and many more.
Meanwhile her daily honorarium is in the US$ six digit range and more.



Some of the designers are also her personal friends, for example, Jean Paul Gaultier.She showed him some of her holiday pictures with her family and when he saw her brother Kevin, he immediately booked him for his next Couture Show in Paris.This was Kevins`start in the modes business.Teresa and Kevin worked together for various shootings, also for an editorial for the New York fashion magazine “Untold”.


In between model-stress in Milan, Paris and New York, Teresa was able to finish college with the help of a private teacher.At the age of 18 she bought her first apartment in Manhattan, New York.
Teresa is very generous and at the same time economical.”My mother used to work for Otto Versand, the day I started earning enough money, she didn`t need to work there anymore.” She fulfilled one of her mother`s biggest dreams, her own boutique in Trinidad.


Its not that she is generous only with her family, she is also donating her first years´income from her new summer collection to a charity foundation.

She is very successful as a photo model and she has also done tv-spots and music videos.She did the tv-ad for Poly Brilliance from Schwarzkops,Sean Johns´men perfume “unforgivable” where she worked with star photographer Peter Lindberg, the Campari spot,where she worked with Night Shyamalan ( director of Sixth Sense and many more movies), and Baby Face featuring Pharrell”there she goes”.

Her first experience in the Television business was at the age of 16 where she made several guest appearances in T.V Show´s wordlwide.


JayZ is a good friend of hers for the past 8 years and although she has access to all the in parties in New York, she doesn`t care to go out,she`s just a homey girl.In her free time she prefers to stay at home, go to the cinema or go shopping.
We are now anxiously awaiting the next step in Teresa`s career.





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